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About Us

Want a snapshot of your health? Ask your body!

Your wellness needs are as unique as your fingerprints.  Take the guesswork out of supplements, foods, and modalities to correct imbalances by utilizing ZYTO SELECT technology.  Schedule an appointment to receive an in-depth report about your body's preferences and a Holistic approach to Vitality and Wellness.  Does your body know what it wants?  Maybe you just need to ask!

Feeling Stuck? Want to improve relationships, your athletic performance, correct self-sabotaging behavior or ease emotional stress? Need more motivation?

EVOX it!  The EVOX system is a comfortable, non-invasive and effective Holistic way to keep you moving forward by expanding your life tools.  EVOX can be helpful when dealing with issues such as:  Repetitive Negative Behavior, Weight Concerns, Addictions, Work Performance, Athletic Performance, Emotional & Physical Stress, Coping During Debilitating Illness, Relationship Problems and Recurring Pain and more.  A Homeopathic Flower Essence Blend is implemented after EVOX sessions.  Call for more information about expected results.

Improving Your Health and Outlook on life is at Your Fingertips!

Get on a Holistic healthier and happier life path by calling to schedule an appointment for a Bio-energetic Health Scan and Iridology Analysis with us.  With homeopathic remedies, herbal supplements, detox therapies, body work and therapeutic essential oils, we will help you on your way to vitality!  We are celebrating 25+ years of experience along with the trust and relationships that we have established with our clients.  Don't wait any longer to move forward on your path to wellness!